I will help you with your physical fitness goals!

For 8 years it has been my vocation to make people fitter, pain-free as easily and flexibly as possible and thus to help them to be more mobile, enjoy life, less back pain, have a firm hold in the joints and strong muscles!

foto mit angestrengten kunden ems training

EMS Workout at Liechtensteinstraße 80!

With me in the 9th district you train the whole body as effectively as possible with the so-called EMS training in 20 minutes! 

Why should you exercise at all?

I knew that feeling back then too!

Here are a few ADVANTAGES:

  • Cardiovascular system is stressed - we strengthen the heart muscle.

  • You stimulate your metabolism, which helps you maintain your weight and lose fat with the right diet.

  • You've brought a routine into the sport that breaks down adrenaline - very important for mental balance - should be broken down regularly - think of the Stone Age hunts.

  • You produce endorphins and serotonin - the so-called happiness hormones - we train your body's reward system to be happy!

  • You just look fitter. Whether fat or thin, you can recognize a physically balanced person ...

  • You've come to the right place if you want to change something about your luxury body!

just try it

Make a trial workout and be surprised what a fit body is capable of!