Customer reviews 


I would recommend everyone to go to Oliver's EMS training.
What was decisive for me was his really warm, friendly, personal and professional support and his flexibility in terms of appointments.
The studio is clean and modern, it plays cool music and always makes you want to do more training. O's Workout = worth every minute! Just try!


The training at O's is demanding, well-structured, varied and individually adapted.
Oliver is a great trainer - he always tries to respond to you and transmits his always good mood and motivation directly to the customer. He convinces me with his sporting expertise and I am grateful for each and every one of his tips!


Oliver is a highly professional trainer who knows how to push you to your limits, but also knows when it's getting too much. The training success of his clients is really important to him and he is available every day, no matter what time, to train with you.

The EMS training shows its effect after just a few units, the ideal balance for working people in a stressful job. The advantage is that a training session only lasts 20 minutes and you can easily incorporate it into your everyday life every week!

Training with Oliver is ultimately a lot of fun thanks to his motivating and enthusiastic nature. I look forward to training with him every week and can warmly recommend it to everyone!


My boyfriend and myself started training with Oli for EMS and we've continued doing so for the past 3 months. He is AMAZING!!!! Not only are results visible (in terms of toning) after only a few sessions, but also:
1) compared to any other personal training i've had in multiple EMS studios in London, you sweat... a lot!!! It genuinely feels like you've done a good few hours of training after his session
2) Oli himself, is super personable and tailors the program to your requests/needs but is not afraid to make suggestions
3) So fun to train with and he genuinely encourages you throughout the session
4) Very reliable, despite his super busy schedule and approachable prices
5) He comes to your place, with freshly washed suits!!
Anyone not having tried training with Oli is missing out! I would highly recommend and will of course continue training with him for the foreseeable future!


I've always had back problems and together with Olliver we got it under control. I don't usually write reviews but I'm super satisfied! Thanks



...and let`s go ... 8, 9, 10, sun, beach, bikini! That's how motivating Oliver's workout sounds. The EMS training brings great results: Goodbye cellulite (no cream has done that yet) and everything is much firmer. After 4 training sessions of 20 minutes each, I finally managed to do real push-ups. After training you have clean showers and nice, spacious changing rooms.



 I've been training at O's Workout once a week for the past eight months. Oliver addresses the weak points and problems individually. The training is structured and effective for body, mind and soul. I can already see a significant improvement in myself. 


 Pleasant atmosphere, a nice trainer with whom you also have a lot of fun during your workout. What more could you want 💪👍



Top trainer, very responsive to individual needs, relaxed positive atmosphere. Training is also possible with chronic illnesses, and these are discussed. Highly recommended!



My brother and I have been with Oliver for a few months and are totally happy with the training. With him I trained away my chronic low back pain. The location is great, you can then go straight to work. I can only recommend!!! 


Thanks to his excellent training and constant encouragement, I lost 16 kg 


 Oliver is a very pleasant trainer who likes to push you to your limits. He doesn't accept "I can't take it anymore", which of course encourages us to continue. He assesses your personal physical condition very well and tries to get the maximum out of you, which is of course the be-all and end-all of a good trainer.... So, keep it up and THANK YOU!! 


Super EMS trainer in Tullnerfeld. Just great!! :-) 


Great training location right next to the Tullnerfeld train station. You always get a parking space right away and you can be at training in a few seconds and then you can continue to work by train without much waiting.